Welcome to Linux Literacy. The place to learn Linux!

You’ll find blog posts with places to learn Linux, tips and tricks, and pages with lessons that will set you on the path to Linux enlightenment.

Linux is a flexible, stable operating system you can customize to meet almost any conceivable need, from running the computers in your car, to your smart watch or smart phone, to your smart television, to your web server, or your laptop!

There are distributions or distro’s for almost any need, and if you have a need that isn’t filled, you can make your own!

Linux is open source, meaning you can always view the code behind the scenes that makes your operating system run.

If you want to, and have the skills to or are willing to learn, you can tweak the source as you see fit to benefit you, provided what you create is also made available to everyone.

Linux is a powerful force in the world and this is your chance to learn to use it!

The site was created and is maintained by Ted LeRoy, a Udemy instructor.

Have fun!